If you've made purchases in the game or other applications before, one of the following reasons may be why:

1.  A problem that occurred when you connected to the internet . Your connection has to be stable to process purchases, so we recommend using Wi-Fi or at least a 3G/4G connection.
2.  Temporary problems with the application store . All in-game purchases are processed by the store where the game was downloaded from, so there is a chance the store is overloaded and unable to process your request. In that case, just wait several minutes and try again.
3.  Problems with the store app . These are usually solved by restarting your device.

If you've never made purchases in the game or other applications, the problem may be one of the following:

1.  Incorrect payment information . The easiest way to fix that is to cancel the payment method and start over.
2.  Unsupported payment method . It may be that the payment method you want to use is not supported by the application store. The list of available payment methods can be found in the respective sections of the Apple customer support websites.

If you're still having problems making purchases, please contact the application store customer support.